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5 Amazing ways in which water can help you speed your weight loss

Drinking Water to Lose Weight

There are innumerable weight loss diet plans that promise results, but how sustainable are they? how permanent are they? Not very. Anything that is natural is always more sustainable.How to lose weight naturally? the answer is simple, water. It is the most natural way to speed up weight loss. Our bodies and every cell naturally require water to function optimally.

5 amazing ways water can speed up your weight loss

1. More water, fewer calories –

To begin with, we often confuse thirst for hunger. When we are dehydrated, we think we are tired and require energy so we reach out for carbs. But that does not quench our thirst, which we confuse as not being full enough and eat more. This ends up in us consuming excessive calories which we didn’t need in the first place. To combat this, a glass of water just before deciding to eat could shed light on whether one is truly hungry or not.
Having said that, if the feeling was of hunger and not thirst, the glass of water would surely cut the amount of food one could consume after. To prove this, one could always test it using online calorie calculator or apps such as my fitness pal, by simply consuming significantly more water on one day and comparing the calories consumed on both days. The day with more water consumption would end up with significantly lesser calories.

2. More water, better athletic performance –

Water is essential for the muscles. When we consume water, our muscles get hydrated. When muscles don’t have sufficient fluid they shrivel and get fatigued. Dehydrated muscles slow down weight loss because it makes one feel sluggish and in turn decreases physical activity. Hydrated muscles will enhance athletic performance, and help lose weight

3. More water, better digestion –

Water helps in better absorption of nutrients from the food consumed, circulating through the lymphatic system and to the cells. This improves the digestion and metabolic rate which speeds up weight loss.

4. More water, fewer toxins –

The best diet cleanse for weight loss is with water. Water cleanses the body of toxins by carrying waste products in and out of cells. There are free radicles in the body, which the kidneys can flush out only with adequate water intake

5. More water, less bloating –

Water helps relieve constipation, which is one of the causes of temporary bloating. Constipation gives the illusion of an inflated stomach (even though it is not fat). Water helps to get rid of that inflation and the excess pounds seen on the scale when one is constipated.

Hence, going natural is the best idea. Make sure you start your day with water, and end it with water too!

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