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5 Star Slimmer of the Month – Santosh Sadhale

Slimming Program Mumbai

Prettislim is Proud of Every Personal Weight Loss Journey that Patients Have Shared With Us
Be the Inspiration….
These touching & highly inspirational stories are proof of the significant impact that Prettislim has had on the lives of many people. With dignity & emotion, our 5 Star Slimmer of the Month – Santosh Sadhale from Mumbai agreed to share his story with us.

Here’s what he has to say:

“I am an engineer by profession, working in an Oil & Gas company, because of which I am required to travel all over the world. Because of my irregular eating habits, timings & sleeping patterns, I had put on quite a few kg.
Then I came across Prettislim in a leading newspaper & thought about joining it. I was a bit sceptical at first, but ultimately I decided to take the plunge & joined Prettislim in September 2015.
Within 6 months of joining, I had lost 15 kg of weight, around 45 cm on my tummy & sides and around 25 cm from my upper back as well as chest.
I am very happy with the experience & have found it to be really encouraging. All the dieticians & support staff are quite knowledgeable & have been very supportive.
They sent me regular SMSs with tips about what I should eat & what I should avoid. This has really helped me in reducing weight faster.
The dieticians also used to call me up regularly just to keep me motivated. When your spirits flag, having people to call on can provide the support you need to continue. They would remind me about my diet plan & my exercises.
I’m pretty happy about the whole experience & I would certainly recommend people to join the slimming program to reduce weight.”
Santosh Sadhale
Mumbai, Maharashtra

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who has shared their Prettislim journey. There is nothing more rewarding for us than knowing that we have helped you improve not only your physical appearance, but above all your self-esteem and perhaps even your overall health.

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