7 Fitness Hacks for the Festive Season – by Dr. Puneet Nayak, CMD, Prettislim | Prettislim
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7 Fitness Hacks for the Festive Season – by Dr. Puneet Nayak, CMD, Prettislim

Fitness Tips For Festive Season

In India, the months of October to December are generally packed with festivals, events and celebrations. And if there’s one thing the holiday season spells here, it is overindulgence. With friends and family getting together this time of the year, there’s bound to be an abundance of food, drink and merriment. Amidst all of this, one can often forgets their diet and fitness regime and health generally takes a backseat.

Many tend to put on the pounds during this time. It’s not necessary to have to choose between the celebrations and fitness. Wondering how to lose tummy fat this season or want ways to stay slim? Here are some tips from Dr. Puneet Nayak, CMD, Prettislim Clinics

1. Stay Active
Even if sugary treats have been avoided, it’s still important to keep moving. Holidays should be about relaxing, but it’s smart to make it a point to incorporate some movement into a daily routine, even if it’s just taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

2. Tracking Fitness
The many festivities and celebrations during this time take up a big chunk of one’s time, and an exercise routine often suffers on account of this. It’s important then to keep track of the calorie intake and set aside some time in the week to exercise accordingly.

3. Have Fun with Exercises
Even if the gym can’t be managed between all the functions that need attending, there are still ways to stay active. Try making exercise a family routine. One can go for short walks with relatives, or play a sport together.

4. Set a Limit – Mindful Eating in Small Portions
One might be confronted by all sorts of delicious foods and sweet treats. But it’s not necessary to avoid indulgence completely. Setting a limit to an intake is a great way to stay fit without sacrificing on all the perks of the season.

5. Go Easy on the Alcohol
It’s common knowledge that too much of anything is not good. While a drink or two can help unwind, have one too many and the body will protest. Aside from the headaches and dehydration, too much alcohol can also lead to unsightly weight gain.

6. Stay Hydrated
Hydration is essential for the body’s maintenance. Fruit juices can help with this, but the best bet is some warm water. One needs to drink a minimum of eight glasses per day. Aside from keeping one hydrated, this will also help in avoiding overeating.

7. Non Surgical U-Lipo Treatment
For ones with busy schedules, ultrasound lipolysis offers a safe non-surgical approach to targeted fat reduction. Looking for centres offering lipolysis treatment in Mumbai? Prettislim’s 4-In1 U-Lipo, A lipolysis service, allows one to lose up to 8 centimetres in a single sitting.

Follow these simple tips which will help you spend a mindful & an enjoyable Christmas & New Year. Most importantly – feel free to totally enjoy every mouthful of whatever you choose to eat. Just stay in control of what you eat this festive season & it will send a powerful message to your beautiful inner system that you can do it any time at all for all the Year ahead.

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