Looking For Weight Loss Tips, To Become Fit From Fat - Prettislim Blog - Part 5
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The Healthiest Ways to Lose Weight

#EatNBeat, healthy foods to lose weight


Nearly one-third of the world’s population is obese or overweight. The number is approximately 2.1 billion people. This is nearly 30% of the world’s population! In developed and developing countries, the rise of obesity, over the past 3 decades, has been rapid, substantial and widespread. Obesity is a bane to our modern world. The causes of obesity are complex. There are many interrelated factors, such as genetics, lifestyle and how your body uses energy.

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Get the Desired Summer Body in 8 Weeks

#FitnessForum, healthy foods to lose weight

Summertime is around the corner and the beaches and pools are ready – so it’s time to bust out with the best sun hats and swimsuits! Along with the best swimsuits, it’s also time to bring out the best body. However, we know that being slim and slender is not easy. Running short of time, unavoidable unhealthy diets, illnesses, etc. are only some hurdles that come in the way of one’s quest for the perfect body. Fortunately, Prettislim wants each one to feel as beautiful as the vacation spots it visits. But no worries get the ideal body in just 8 weeks- with no surgery, no pain and no risks!

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Fastest Way to Remove SaddleBags


Biologically, the saddlebag is not an actual body part but appear on the thighs. Saddlebags are an illusion created by the crease in between where your butt and your thighs join. When the muscles in this region are not fully developed, the area becomes soft and the fat leans outward, creating the illusion of what people call “saddlebags.” It can change the pattern of fat deposits in your body, saddlebags exercises aim at strengthening the muscles in this area, making the region metabolically active, resulting in lifting and toning the fat in this region.

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How to Stop that Double Chin


How To Get Rid Of Double Chin

It’s a common misconception that only fat people have double chins. And rarely will losing weight rid you of your double chin. It is also wrongly believed that only old people develop double chins. While age and weight do, in part, contribute to double chins, even if you’re young and perfectly healthy, you run the risk of that unwanted layer at the bottom of your face.

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Super Foods for Weight Loss


Super Foods For Weight Loss Diet

Not all foods are created equal. Various calories go through diverse pathways metabolically in the body. The type of ingredient has a vastly differing effect on hormones, hunger and how many calories are burnt. If you’re wondering how to lose weight fast then incorporate some of these foods into your diet right away. These are some of the most weight-loss friendly nourishments held true by science.

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These Points will help you stick with the New Year Resolution of Getting FIT


New Year Fitness Resolution

Fitness new-year resolutions are fun to make but difficult to maintain. In January, one in three people resolve to better themselves in one way or another. A smaller percentage of those people actually carry out their resolutions. A study found that 75 per cent of people stick with their goals for at least a week. After that, less than half are still on point, 6 months later. However, you can be absolutely resolute in maintaining your health and fitness strategies with these ten simple tricks and tools.

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7 Fitness Hacks for the Festive Season – by Dr. Puneet Nayak, CMD, Prettislim


Fitness Tips For Festive Season

In India, the months of October to December are generally packed with festivals, events and celebrations. And if there’s one thing the holiday season spells here, it is overindulgence. With friends and family getting together this time of the year, there’s bound to be an abundance of food, drink and merriment. Amidst all of this, one can often forgets their diet and fitness regime and health generally takes a backseat.

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