Looking For Weight Loss Tips, To Become Fit From Fat - Prettislim Blog - Part 8
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Kerala Spices come in small pack but contain larger health benefits


Kerala Spices Benefits

Spices in Indian food have major role to play. India grows over 50 different varieties of spices. There is a huge demand for Indian spices in the world market too. A mere pinch can take away health woes while giving food a flavour that is unparalleled. Spices are good, not just for taste buds, but also possess immense health benefits. Spices are rich in antioxidants, and scientific studies suggest that they are also potent inhibitors of tissue damage and inflammation caused by high levels of blood sugar and circulating lipids.

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9 Food Items You Should Avoid Eating During Monsoons


Health Tips For Rainy Season

The rains are here. Though they provide a respite from the scorching summer heat, they also bring along various ailments. Mostly, monsoon related diseases arise due to consuming unhygienic food and water. If you avoid this, you can prevent several diseases. Dr Puneet Nayak, CMD, PrettislimTM and Obesity Consultant, lists several foods which one should avoid eating during the monsoon season. Here’s the list.

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