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Carbohydrates and its role in Obesity

Do you love pizza? Well, that was a stupid question to ask. It’s probably the reason that’s keeping you from getting those six pack abs this summer.

Obesity is no longer a problem that’s limited to a specific country; it has spread its roots all over the world. We are here to help you lose weight (Especially if you’re on a carb rich diet) and shed some light on this evil.

Carbohydrates are the powerhouse of our systems; they are the macronutrients that provide energy to our body. What do you think our body does with excess energy intake? Yes, you guessed it right. Our body converts it into fat.

Studies show that the quality of carbohydrates rather than the quantity determines whether a person gains weight. If you are prone to gaining weight you should refrain yourself from white bread, pasta, chips, processed food, cakes, cookies etc. The high glycemic index (Simple carbs, we will explain this further in the next paragraph) in these items causes an imminent spike in blood sugar. If this energy is not utilized then it gets converted into fat. lose weight (The best way to would be to avoid food with a high glycemic index)

Complex Carbohydrates Vs Simple Carbohydrates

Complex carbs consist of whole grain foods, whole fruits and vegetables etc. It consists of food which has high fiber content and phytonutrients. Once the fiber is digested, our body converts it into glucose. Fiber is digested slowly by our system hence this glucose is also let into our bloodstream at a steady pace.

On the other hand, simple carbs like white bread, fruit juice without any pulp, refined flour etc are digested instantly. This causes a spike in our blood sugar levels, as mentioned earlier this makes us put on those inches nobody wants.

Well if you have already set foot towards the path of simple carbohydrates, don’t worry. We have some tips to lose weight up our sleeve, take a look at some weight loss tips mentioned below-

  1. A fiber rich diet holds a fair amount of importance when it comes to weight management and control. Fiber provides bulk to food which makes you feel fuller and gives you a greater amount of satisfaction.
  2. Choose dairy that is low in carbs eg: Pick greek yogurt over normal yogurt.
  3. Start reading food labels/nutrition facts and keep a track of your daily intake. According to USDA dietary guidelines, the average adult should consume anywhere between 225 – 325 grams of carbohydrates daily. This consists of 45% – 65% of their daily calorie consumption. However, consulting your dietitian is the best way to move forward and receive a diet plan to lose weight fast.
  4. Eliminate/Reduce your soda and sweetened drinks.
  5. Eat high quality sources of protein like quinoa, low toxin fish etc

The tips to reduce weight mentioned above will definitely show results. Dedication, hard work and sincerity are all you require to get in shape this summer!

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