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Cardio: Facts v/s Myths

Cardio For Weight Loss

Run Run: Does this read like your fitness mantra. It is good but it’s incomplete without Strength training. Cardio is great but only cardio will let you burn only limited calories. Strengthening exercises constitutes in development of lean muscles. This will boost your metabolism Vis a Vis burn more fat.

Strength training exercises offer many variations that could commingle as cardio too. For example, while doing the Kettlebell routine you can burn about 20 calories a minute versus the same number of calories burnt by running for 6 minutes.

Capitalize on weight loss techniques by deviating from the regular paths. Keep your training schedule on a “shuffle,” which is to say add variations to your routines. Intersperse your alternate days with resistance-exercises or weightlifting trainings.

The Ancient question: Where to start from? Is it better to start off running or start with strength training? The answer is simple – start with what you like and alternate it with strengthening, weight lifting or resistance routines. But if you are very serious about your workout then dedicate an entire day to one kind of routine- your fat will incinerate before your own eyes.

It’s all about the Magnitude: You’ll set more calories ablaze when your workout agility spanning between normal and intense at regular frequencies. Instead of monitoring the digits of your treadmill to achieve your fantasy figure keep a sharp eye on more reliable statistics- Heart Rate with the help of a Heart Rate monitor. To feel the miracle of weight loss, maintain your heart rate between 75-85 percent of your maximum heart rate. Alternatively create a self-felt difficulty level ranking from a scale of 1 to 10. Drive to stay between 8-9 points of that imaginary scale.

Fuel Point: There’s no point in driving yourself up the wall without sufficiently fueling your body. You might become hyperglycemic or start to dehydrate. Neither scenarios are welcome. What happens when you perform cardio; is that the body fuels itself from carbs and fat present within the blood stream or muscles, instead of pulling energy from fat cells. Your energy level directly determines if you can continue to work out for the minimum of 40-50 minutes required for your body to burn the required calories along with maintaining the intensity of workout. So next time, do not miss your pre-gym breakfast. It is very important to eat right to live right.

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