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Does Age Affect Our Ability To Lose Weight?

Yes, to answer questions like this regarding weight loss in is tough, it is hard to lose weight after a certain age or once you start getting old. Losing weight becomes tough. The reason being your metabolism, your metabolism becomes slower. However, you do not gain weight because of your age, as there are ways to control and manage it. Once you are aware of the reasons for your weight gain, there are ways to outsmart it as well.

However, weight loss for senior citizens and for people after the age of 40-50, they start losing your muscle mass and start feeling inactive day by day. They keep losing your muscle mass percentage by 1% every year. Even when they gain weight, they gain fat mass and not muscle mass most of the time.

When you reach your thirties, there is a certain fall in the hormonal levels, and hence the weight gain and the slowing down of the metabolism. It is believed that after reaching the age of 35-40, adults tend to gain 1-2lbs around the middle area every year.

Weight loss for older males:

High testosterone levels help men remain lean and muscular till the age of 30, after reaching the thirties, the testosterone levels fall, and the men fall in the pit of weight gain and muscle loss.

Weight loss for older females:

For the women, a woman’s body has a delicate balance of progesterone and estrogen throughout a woman’s fertile years. Higher levels of estrogen are known to increase fat tissue formation, but for younger women, this effect is offset by equally high levels of progesterone.

However, after the age of 40-50, women experience, which causes an imbalance between progesterone and estrogen and eventually leads to weight gain around the middle area.

There are certain ways, where the age barrier will not stop people from achieving their ideal weight and support them in weight loss.

Some of the weight loss tips for older adults are:

  1. Increase your protein intake: Protein is considered to be the building block of muscle gain, however as you grow old with age, due to the dip in the testosterone levels, you lose your muscle mass. Hence, in order to gain it back, one must include protein rich foods in every meal they consume.
  2. Eat more veggies and fruits: Veggies and fruits fill your stomach and you can consume them in huge quantities. They are a great replacement for high carbs, high sugar, and high fats food. Fruits are very beneficial for your body as they come in the form of natural sugar and can be consumed in huge quantities without giving you the stress of weight gain.
  3. Eat Less in the Night: Consumption of food should be least in the night, as the body goes to sleep in the night, it does not process the fats, carbs, sugar that you consumed and directly stores it in the form of fat mass in the body which eventually leads to weight gain. Hence, it is said, “Eat your dinner like a beggar”, in order to stay fit.
  4. Pay Attention to what you are consuming: You tend to skip meals when you are over-working and eventually not pay attention to what you actually have to control those hunger pangs. We also tend to have our meal while watching the television or doing something else and not concentrate on what we are having. It is also necessary to tell your brain about your consumption in order to get a change in your body.
  5. Exercise regularly: There is no age barrier to exercising which is often misunderstood. People tend to believe that as they grow they lose their energy to exercise which is false. One must keep exercising till the time they live. Exercising just does not mean doing vigorous workouts but it can also be as simple as taking a walk in their building colony.

In conclusion, the aging process does not necessarily lead to weight gain, weight loss can also happen by following a few lifestyle habits in order to stay fit. One must always keep in mind these 3 things: a strong desire for your results, a practical plan to produce those results, and a support system to help you overcome your challenges.

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