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Fastest Way to Remove SaddleBags

Biologically, the saddlebag is not an actual body part but appear on the thighs. Saddlebags are an illusion created by the crease in between where your butt and your thighs join. When the muscles in this region are not fully developed, the area becomes soft and the fat leans outward, creating the illusion of what people call “saddlebags.” It can change the pattern of fat deposits in your body, saddlebags exercises aim at strengthening the muscles in this area, making the region metabolically active, resulting in lifting and toning the fat in this region.

If you are wondering how to get rid of saddlebags, here are some exercises that will help you reduce your saddlebags:

  1. Elbow plank and donkey kick

    Lift the fat in your butt whilst also toning your core with this plank variation.
    How to: Begin with a usual elbow plank, parallel to the ground and keep your abs engaged. Lift your leg off the ground with your knee bent and your sole parallel to the ceiling, and your pelvis parallel to the ground. Lower the leg slightly and do repetitions. Repeat with the next leg.

  2. Sumo Squats

    Also known as the plie squat, this exercise lift the fat from the crease and tone your legs.
    How to: Stand with your legs wide and squat with your toes pointing horizontally outward. Bend till your knees are vertically over your toes and then rise up. Do 10-15 of these with short 2-second breaks between each rep.

  3. The Bridge

    This medium intensity exercise tones your glutes and outer thighs.
    How to: Lie flat on your back with your hands facing downward, flat on your sides. Bend your knees and bring up your legs with your feet flat on the ground as close to your butt as you can. Lifting your pelvis upward, and hold this position for 8-10 seconds. This is one rep, continue till the end of your set- around 5-10 reps.

  4. Grasshopper Beats

    This unusual exercise strengthens your whole body and tones your glutes and your butt.
    How to: Take the standard push-up stance, swing your leg up from underneath, in a kicking motion. Swing it back in, and return to initial position. Repeat with the next leg and complete 10 kicks with each leg.

  5. While these 4 exercises gradually do help reduce fat in the area, there is a 5th, easier and faster way to do so. Prettislim’s saddlebag liposuction delivers a remarkable 95% satisfactory rate is. Thousands of clients have been successfully treated with U-lipo and these satisfied clients have made Prettislim the No. 1 Slimming Clinic in Mumbai. Liposuction saddlebags is an intelligent and feasible alternative to surgical liposuction as it is a new way to reduce unwanted fat from the body without undergoing expensive, risky and painful surgery. This liposuction for saddlebags is an effective and economical way that gives you safe and painless fat loss results by targeting fat reduction in the saddlebag region. It needs only 60-90 minutes of one visit per week and dietary solutions are also offered by in-clinic experts. Their U-lipo treatment is an ideal solution for people who wish to be fit but run short of time!

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