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Get Set to lose weight

Get Set to lose weight

Being overweight can have a negative effect on your health and physical appearance. It is very important to make sure you do not look out of shape or feel unfit. While the process to lose weight can require a lot of motivation and a little bit of a push, it is surely worth the results.

The most commonly asked question is – How to lose weight? The answer is really simple. Following a healthy diet, exercising regularly and staying determined are the key factors to lose weight. These weight loss tips are very efficient and helpful and almost always provide results. There are various programs which help a person to get rid of obesity, which include how to lose weight in a week, month, or half a year. This kind of variety offered makes it very convenient for the clients to lose weight.

Diet plays a major role in maintaining the weight of a particular person. Eating unhealthy junk food and excess of cheese and butter or sugary drinks results in a person becoming overweight. On the other hand, consumption of healthy food results in a person staying healthy and fit.
Here are 10 easy tips to lose weight fast by controlling the kind of food you consume:

  1. Eat a high-protein breakfast – the body uses more calories to metabolize protein, compared to fat or carbs. Protein also keeps you feeling fuller for longer, hence you tend to eat less but stay healthier.
  2. Avoid sugary drinks – Fructose causes resistance to a hormone called leptin, which makes the brain not “see” that the fat cells are full of fat. This leads to increased food intake and decreased fat burning.
  3. Drink water a half hour before meals – Because water is an appetite suppressant, drinking it before meals can make you feel fuller, therefore reducing the amount of food you eat.
  4. Eat soluble fiber – Viscous fiber may reduce your appetite, helping you eat less without trying.
  5. Drink coffee or tea – Both of these beverages can contribute to a reduced-calorie diet, to help you lose weight and belly fat, when you drink them without any added sugar, milk or cream.
  6. Eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods – Base most of your diet on whole foods. They are healthier, more filling and much less likely to cause overeating.
  7. Eat your food slowly – fast eaters are up to 115% more likely to be obese, compared to slower eaters
  8. Use smaller plates – Studies show that people automatically eat less when they use smaller plates. Strange, but it works.
  9. Get a good night’s sleep, every night – Poor sleep is one of the strongest risk factors for weight gain, so taking care of your sleep is important.
  10. Choose weight loss friendly foods – Whole eggs, leafy greens, salmon, boiled potato, tuna.

Exercise plays an equally important role in weight loss. To lose weight, one must regularly go for a run or engage in some kind of physical activities. Exercising daily will help increase your endurance and strength over time.

So, if you are finding ways to lose weight in a week this September, the Obesity Camp is the perfect place for you to be. Held between 18th and 24th September, this camp involves a string of exercises and diets which leads to weight loss. So register yourself for this camp and get set to lose weight!

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