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How Taking a Birthday Resolution can make a difference to your Life.

Fitness Birthday Resolution

Have you ever noticed that some of the good things in life only happen once every year?
Think, New Year, Diwali, Holi, Christmas and the one that’s quite personal, our Birthday. That makes it a pretty special event. It’s strictly limited, its day is non-negotiable (yes, you still have to go to work) and it’s something you will receive for the rest of your life. So why do we lose the magic of celebrating our birthdays as we get older? Note, this is a generalization, but if you ask the people that are around you, I think they will agree with this. As one becomes older, birthdays usually becomes a time of intense self-reflection: where am I in my life, where do I want to be, Am I Fit & Healthy, what could I improve?

Birthdays are also natural time to make new Birthday resolutions. ‘The Birthday Resolution’ is like the adult version of the New Year’s Resolution. This one, you have to take seriously because it’s all about being a better you. And if you don’t achieve that then you have really lost a big opportunity. It can be more than one thing which is actually better, that way you can have long and short term goals. It’s the perfect time to reassess your life and decide what you want to change or improve and so easy to remember… Being your special day, you will be in a positive and happy mind frame. And Health & Fitness related Birthday Resolution, fits the Bill perfectly as on this Day of the Year, your Physical Body was born. And each birthday reminds you of the fact, that your body is a year older now & Needs More Focus, Attention & Care. Following Health & Fitness related Birthday Resolutions are Must Do, on Your Special Day.

1. Get Your Annual Health Check Up Done
The annual checkup serves a number of functions that helps to improve health and maintain wellness. Routine screenings, such as cholesterol and diabetes tests, pap smears and breast exams, can detect signs of diseases at their earliest and most treatable stages. Early diagnosis of cancer and heart disease is especially important. Some diseases, such as colon cancer, can even be prevented with screenings. Blood pressure and resting heart rate are always taken at the annual checkup. Taking these measurements yearly sets a baseline so you will know if anything changed in the last year. The annual exam is an opportunity to receive counseling from your doctor on weight management, smoking cessation, sexuality, alcohol consumption and other health issues. The annual exam is also an opportunity to talk to your doctor about emotional problems that might require treatment, such as depression. Knowing your health status by having an annual exam can give you peace of mind.

2. Take Birthday Resolution to Become Fit & Healthy
Extra Belly Fat & Being Overweight is an important Risk factor for Medical Problems like Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Failure, Cancers, Infertility, Metabolic Syndrome, Decrease in Life Expectancy & many others. Also it can lead to Pyscho Social effects Like Discrimination at Work Place, Depression, Decrease in Career Growth Opportunities, Wardrobe Difficulties, Social Stigma, Negative Body Image etc. Hence Fitness is as important in your life, as a Career, Relationships, Family & Other Important Issues. You must have heard that “Health is Wealth” but Now “Fit is the New Rich”, which signifies the importance of Being Fit, Slim & Healthy. Prettislim Offers U-Lipo Slimming Package for clients to help them become Slim & Fit, with Following Key Features

  • Lose Upto 8 Cm in Each 4-In-1 U-Lipo Session
  • Once A week Session
  • Safe, Painless & Non Surgical
  • Done by CE & ISO certified Effective, Powerful & Professional equipment
  • No Heavy Exercises Needed
  • 95% Client Satisfaction Rating
  • Our Slimming centers are Open on Sundays

Prettislim Also Offers Fit for Life Plan, clients who are already quite Fit, to Help them Maintain a Fit, Slim & a Healthy Body, round the Year, with Attractive Features like

  • Once in a month, U-Lipo Treatment, Done by CE & ISO certified Effective, Powerful & Professional equipment
  • 365 Days Slimming Tips on Sms
  • 365 Days access to counseling by Slimming Coach/ Dietitian
  • 2 Physician Consultations in the Year
  • Maintain your fitness only @ Rs 3816 per Month, by Availing Easy Emi on Credit cards.
  • You can Redeem Loyalty Points of your account

As An Encouragement for You to Become Slim, Fit & Healthy, in the Coming Year, Prettislim offers an Rs 1000 Gift voucher, especially for you, which can be redeemed against Regular & Yearly Maintenance Packages. Visit Prettislim Today & Make a Birthday Resolution, Which you will always cherish.

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