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Tips to avoid your weight gain for this Festive season

Much to our excitement, the holiday season is here once again! With the most festive time of the year being here, it is also the  that time of the year when a lot of people think that they might put on weight or people tend to put on weight due to the stress, baked goods and lots of social gatherings.
Most people are not successful when it comes to controlling their food intake which in turn affects weight. We can enjoy the holiday season even more  by avoiding holiday weight gain.

Did you know that? There is a way to avoid Festive season weight gain?

No right? So here are some tips on how to avoid holiday weight gain.

  1. Nibble whip-smartly:

It’s the holiday season and unhealthy nibbles like cookies and cakes are easily available. Consumption of these high calorie goodies can be controlled at home by keeping these treats aside but this game plan cannot be used when we are out in a party, office or at someone’s place. In case if you have a habit of nibbling just because food is obtainable and you are not hungry then the best thing is to avoid nibbles wholeheartedly. You can control the consumption these treats by nibbling in a smart way. If your hungry avoid eating unhealthy snacks and eat healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables, nuts etc. Refrain from eating things which contain added sugar or fats. This is one of the best holiday weight loss tip.

  1. Engage in physical activities with friends and families:

Holiday traditions often include desk bound activities like sitting on the couch and watching movies or sports. Just sitting and not doing any thing productive will cause you to gain weight particularly when you laze around, laughing and nibbling with friends and family. The best way to keep your weight under control is to be active by doing some sort of physical activity like playing a sport or an outdoor game. This will keep your mind off food and you can bond with your loved ones.

  1. Take control over alcohol consumption:

It’s the holiday season and especially between Christmas and new year’s everyone’s alcohol consumption is a bit more than usual days. Make it a point that you drink low calorie beer, wine or vodka with soda and lime. Make sure you are well hydrated. This will ensure that you consume less alcohol. However, you should also include this in you daily diet plan to loose weight faster.

  1. Aim for minimum of 8 hours of sleep:

A person should sleep at least for 8 hours a day. Being sleep deprived is the common occurrence during the holiday season and it will cause you gain unnecessary weight. Stick to perfect sleep cycle and wake up on time and refrain from staying up to late.

These are some tips to reduce weight. If some of you guys have the mentality of “I’ll start tomorrow” change that right away get in control of your weight. If you are very serious about your weight loss, take these tips into consideration it will help considerably.

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