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Top 7 super foods for helping your weight loss goals

Top 7 super foods for helping your weight loss goals

Are you looking to get set for the party month of the year? There are some weight loss foods which will definitely help you shed those extra kilograms. The two courses of weight loss that first come to your mind will either be a weight loss diet or some rigorous exercise. Well, we have just made your job easy by compiling a list of super foods which will surely aid your weight loss diet plan

  1. Apples
    ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ This is what we have been hearing since forever and it indeed is true! Apples have antioxidants and dietary fiber which serves as a helping hand when it comes to weight loss. Adding 3 – 4 apples every week to your diet plan can really make a difference. PS – Watch out for wax, people normally apply it on apples to make them look shinier and appealing to the eye, it’s safer to peel the skin out!
  2. Quinoa
    Are you one of the many who mistake quinoa for a grain? Well it’s not. Quinoa is a (super) seed. It is one of the most nutrient-dense carbs available. It also contains the amino acid responsible for healing sore muscles (You know what to have after a work-out). Quinoa is loaded with fiber too which will make you feel full; it’s definitely a super-food to include in your diet!
  3. Avocado
    Do you ever feel like grabbing a snack right after a full meal? If yeas, then avocado might be the right food for you. Adding approximately half an avocado to your meal helps ward these cravings. A study published in the Nutrition Journal showed that 40% people had a decreased desire to snack between meals and 28% participants reported being full for as long as five hours.
  4. Broccoli
    Not only is broccoli is a rich source of dietary fiber, but it also keeps you full. If you are someone who uses a calorie calculator for food this might be the ingredient for you. Broccoli is really low in calories and there are several interesting ways of adding it to your diet eg: Broccoli and hummus is the perfect combination of delicious and healthy!
  5. Lentils
    Lentils are similar to beans, packed with protein. On an average 200 calories of lentils have about 18 grams of protein! Lentils also help you build lean muscle and aids in controlling your hunger. They should definitely be included in your diet as it will go a long way in the future.
  6. Spinach
    Just as spinach was Popeye’s favorite food, it should be ours too! 100 grams of spinach contains 2.9 grams of protein for a mere 23 calories! You can easily add spinach to your salad or health juice. Spinach might look like a lot but when it’s cooked it shrinks drastically. It should be an essential part of your diet.
  7. Oats
    Last but not the least, Oats! We made sure we kept the best for the end. It is an amazing snack to have between meals; it does not contain too many calories, but keeps you full for longer than most food. Oats release energy slowly into your body, not all at one go, making it an ideal snack for your diet!

If you’re wondering how to reduce weight, there are several other food products that can help you achieve your goal. Food like – kale, almonds, kidney beans, white beans, flax seeds, chia seeds, groundnuts, barley, quinoa, salmon, sardines etc. all have some great quality and can do wonders to your body.

Another modern way to reduce those inches is U-Lipolysis, a perfectly healthy and risk free method. It’s a great exercise for body contouring and body shaping without undergoing surgery! It’s definitely worth a shot.

Above, we have mentioned some of the best foods to eat to lose weight. Give it a shot, include it in your diet plan in the right quantities and you will surely see a positive result! Start your journey to a healthy living and get in shape for the New Year!

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