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Why do you always feel hungry?

What are hunger pangs? Hunger pangs (also called hunger pains) are the result of an irritation of the lining of the stomach, it’s what you feel when you are feeling hungry all the time. Do you ever wonder why you are always hungry? When the stomach empties after the digestion of a meal, its walls come into contact and rub against each other, causing discomfort. This is one of the common symptoms of being hungry and feeling hungry all the time.

There are various causes and effects of hunger pangs which leads to the notion of you feeling hungry most of the times even when you aren’t really hungry, as there are many harmful effects of starvation on the human body. Hence, one must be aware of the signs and symptoms of starvation.

Some of the causes are:

  • When you feel dehydrated.

Mild dehydration is often misunderstood as severe feeling of being hungry. This feeling of dehydration is caused by the confusion that takes place in the hypothalamus, which is a part of the brain that regulates both thirst and appetite. Dehydration can often be solved by drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day. In this way, one will feel hydrated enough to avoid getting hunger pangs.

  • When you load up on starchy carbs.

One must have noticed that whenever we have a donut, or a cookie, or a pastry we usually have the urge of eating more then, and that urge then leaves us to leave only a few cookie crumbs inside that big cookie box. Simple carbs, the kind found in sugary, white flour foods like pastries, crackers, and cookies, spike your blood sugar levels quickly, then leave them plunging soon after. That blood sugar plunge causes intense hunger for more sugary carbs, and the cycle continues. In order to avoid such fluctuating blood sugar levels, one must have more complex and filling carbs that consist more of fiber like almonds, apples, etc. If one is looking for tips on weight gain, it might be helpful to indulge in carbs, but not otherwise.

  • When you consume too much of alcohol

One most often misunderstands the feeling of dehydration with hunger pangs right after a good consumption of alcohol. Alcohol usually tricks you into feeling hungrier when actually, it is the feeling of dehydration where your body needs that one glass of water. Alcohol actually makes you dehydrated. One can avoid that by having 2 glasses of water over those 2 slices of pizza. This water trick can also help sometimes as part of a quick weight loss diet plan.

  • When one must have more of proteins

It is usually said that one must eat less in order to lose weight and control their hunger patterns but the contrary, it is said by most of the dieticians that one must fill their plates with a lot of food that includes more of lean proteins like dals, meat, paneer, sprouts, etc. Proteins not only does give you the feeling of fullness but also has a suppressing appetite effect. It also does increase your metabolism and solves a lot other health-related problems.

  • When you skip your meals

Skipping meals tends to leave your stomach empty for long periods of time which then backfires on you in the form of strong hunger pangs. Hence, it is said that must keeping having something in every two hours throughout the day in order to avoid satiety.

  • When you are on some kind of medication

Certain medicines that you might be taking in order to treat a certain health disease leaves you with a side effect of feeling hungry even after having a normal sized meal. One can avoid this by consulting a doctor and asking for an alternate drug.

In conclusion, hunger pangs or having the feeling of hungriness is something that one can work on by avoiding a few things and substituting them with healthier options.

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