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Why it takes longer for women to lose weight after 40.

While many of us wish that we could enjoy our lifestyles and not worry about gaining those calories, once a woman turns 40 or gives birth it becomes increasingly difficult to lose weight.

Despite there being several weight loss programs for women, some of the key reasons as to why not only losing weight after 40 for females becomes tough, but also why women gain weight after delivery:

  • Sleep Deprivation: Women often get disturbed sleep when they are in their middle-age, often due to night waking of young children or due to the onset of perimenopause. Not getting proper sleep is linked to an increased in obesity and diabetes, as it becomes harder for the body to regulate glucose which can lead to insulin resistance thus causing weight gain.
  • Anxiety and stress: A new mom’s duty demands her to be on her feet for almost 24 hours in a day leaving her exhausted and stressed. Stress and anxiety are an inevitable part of taking care of a baby. However, one should be careful as increasing stress hormones slow down your metabolism. The best way to lose weight after pregnancy is to maintain a healthy balanced diet that includes fruits, dairy products, and nuts. New moms should follow a diet plan post pregnancy that focuses on consumption of adequate water and healthy fluids while avoiding the consumption of empty calories in the form of desserts or sugar – sweetened beverages.
  • Slower Metabolism: As a woman approaches perimenopause, the estrogen level begins to decline. As a result, the body loses muscle mass which in turn results in a decrease in metabolism. The loss of estrogen leads to inefficient metabolism that increases insulin resistance. Increase in insulin resistance can lead to diabetes and heart diseases.

Here are some tips that will help you lose weight after 40:

  • Move your body: Try to incorporate aerobics or cardio to boost metabolism and light weight training to increase muscle mass in your weekly workout routine.
  • Cut Calories: One of the ways to lose weight fast is to follow a diet that involves cutting down your calories to a certain extent but not too drastically. The best diet plan for a 40 year old should ideally include small portion sizes consisting of lean protein like chicken and fish, complex carbs like whole grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits as well as healthy fats such as Ghee/Olive Oil.
  • Eat Breakfast: Another quick tip on how to reduce weight would be consume a heavy breakfast that is healthy and nourishing and includes protein based foods like eggs, yogurt, fresh fruits etc. One should also avoid skipping any meals as it messes with your metabolism, thereby sending a signal to your body to stick to the stored calories instead of burning them quickly.

Although losing weight post 40 may seem like a challenge, it is essential to follow all these steps to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

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