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Eating In Restaurant

Healthy Eating RestaurantsEating out? Just Keep These In Mind!

  • Choose a restaurant where you know you can get a healthy meal.
  • Go with people who are supportive and would not force you to stuff yourself. Decide ahead of time what you are going to order.

When you get to the restaurant

  • As soon as you sit down, order a salad without dressing and a glass of water. Waiting for your meal to arrive is difficult, so it’s important to have something to fill this  “in between tempting” time.
  • Be the first to order so that you are not influenced by the rest of your group.
  • If you already know what you are having, do not even look at the menu.
  • Have only one serving/one portion.
  • Try not to keep food in front of you. Once you have finished eating simply move away from the food decisively.

Feel proud of your strong WILL POWER!

Smart Choice

The Smart Non-Vegetarian Slimmer’s Choice While Eating Out

  • Eating In Restaurant Chicken and Veg. Clear Soup
  • Tomato and Egg drop Soup
  • Grilled Chicken Sesame
  • Tandoori Chicken with Salad
  • Tandoori Pomfret
  • Barbecued chicken with Salad
  • Barbecued Fish
  • Chicken Tikka with Salad
  • Fish Tikka with Salad
  • Grilled Fish Chilli
  • Stir fried Tofu with Chinese Greens
  • Sizzler–Chicken Shashlik without Rice, Noodles and Fries)
  • Fresh Lime Soda / Water (salted)

The Smart Vegetarian  Slimmer’s Choice While Eating Out

  • Eating In RestaurantClear Tomato / Veg. Soup
  • Veg. Tomyum Soup
  • Silken Tofu and Veg. Clear Soup
  • Sauted Mushroom with Ginger
  • Vegetable Pepper Salt
  • Garden Salad
  • Stir fried Vegetable
  • Stir fried Tofu with Chinese greens
  • Paneer Tikka
  • Stir fried Spinach with Sprouted Beans
  • Fresh lime Soda / Water (salted)
  • Sizzler— Paneer Shashlik without Fries, Noodles, Rice)
  • Leafy Sprout Salad

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