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Being slim, trim & healthy today is not easy. Improper diets, sedentary lifestyles, pregnancy, and little time to exercise are a few reasons for the fat to pile on. Of the many places that fat accumulates in the body, the waist, hips & thighs are the most prominent ones. Reducing accumulated fat is extremely difficult. One needs a simple, effective and healthy method to do so. PrettislimTM launched 4-In-1 U-LipoTM, first time in India, to address this need. 4-In-1 U-LipoTM is an intelligent alternative to surgical liposuction. A new way to reduce unwanted fat from the body & to achieve Circumference reduction or cm reduction. It is a great tool for Body Contouring & Body shaping, without undergoing Surgery. As against conventional liposuction methods (which are expensive, surgery-intensive, risky and painful), 4-In-1 U-LipoTM uses the power of 4 Non Surgical Technologies in single Session. You can avoid the side effects of Liposuction, by opting for this Non surgical fat reduction procedure, for Slimming, Body shaping, Tummy tuck & Body contouring. Only CE & ISO certified Effective, Powerful & Professional equipments are used in the clinic for the treatments. It Uses 4 Technologies i.e. Ultrasound Lipolysis, NARF, Vacuum Suction & Power Vibra in each treatment. It is a painless and non-surgical way to reduce excess cms from your body and get your body back in shape. Treatment is available for Tummy, Sides, Hips, Thighs, Inner Thighs, Arms, Saddlebag, Calf, Upper Back, Female B-line, Male Chest and Face & Chin. Till date thousands of clients have been successfully treated through U-LipoTM. 95% of clients have given satisfaction rating to the treatment.