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Family Support for Successful Slimming Program

Support To Your Weight Loss ProgramLife for a dieter is hard enough. Add to that the trauma of having members of your family dissuading you from dieting or tempting you with high-calorie meals. Enough to make even an angel slip!

Not really, if you solicit their help in the right manner. Get them to be your allies instead of your foes.

Did you know that Obesity is contagious? According to a recent study, the risk of a normal weight spouse becoming obese (after the other spouse becomes obese) has increased by 37 percent. For siblings, the risk is even greater, at 40 percent.

That’s why it’s important to let your family know you need their help.

Here are some tips for getting support of your husband/wife/kids and live-in relatives.

  • Conduct a family meeting talk to your family about your concerns over their lack of support. Share with them how important it is for you to stay on your weight loss program. Enlist support Tell your kids and spouse that you need them to be your cheer-leaders, not your enemies.
  • Set aside a diet shelf, clear out your cupboards. Now appoint one shelf as strictly yours. Label it with your name. This is where you can store all your safe foods—diet items, specialty foods, etc. Let other family members know that you’re keeping track of what’s there so you’ll know if someone walks off with one of your safe foods. Do the same for the refrigerator, designating a special shelf that’s all yours.
  • Ask for clean-up help ask your spouse and children to help you clean up after meals, so you that you don’t get tempted to finish off any leftover food.
  • Earmark “no eating” zones Insist that family members keep certain areas as “no-eating zones.” Include all those areas of your home where you’re most likely to spend family time. Be consistent If you’re like most dieters, you start off with a bang, but give up with a whimper. In order for your family to take you seriously, you need to let them see that you’re making consistent changes in your eating patterns and lifestyle. Besides eating the right foods, let them see you working out. Impress them by inviting them to join you when you take a walk, ride a bicycle, etc.
  • Don’t nag if you have a spouse who isn’t as motivated as you are to lose weight, don’t preach. Realize that your good eating habits are caught more than taught. In other words, let him (or her) see the positive results of your good food choices so he’ll want to make better choices, as well.
  • Be assertive when visiting a family member’s home for dinner, let your hostess (or host) know in advance that you’re dieting. That doesn’t mean she has to prepare only foods you can eat. However, if she still serves pizza, she won’t be insulted if you don’t eat more than a small slice. Bring along a side dish, such as a tossed salad, that’s safe for you to eat. On the other hand, if she is offended, remember that it’s her problem and not yours.
  • If you do all the above right, soon your family will start supporting you in your weight loss program. Do remember to thank them profusely. That will certainly encourage them to become your supporters rather than your detractors. They will begin cheering you on, rather than working against you.

With such a fantastic support system behind you, all you have to do is to watch that flab just melt away!

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