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Slimming Starts in the mind

Mental Exercise To Become SlimDo you look at yourself and say, “I’m fat”? We look in the mirror and immediately compare ourselves to those ‘perfect’ human specimens we see on TV, in magazines and newspapers. Often we make excuses like “It’s my genes”, “I’m too busy to get fit”, and as a way of protecting ourselves from the way we see ourselves now and the way we want to be. The good news is that you CAN achieve your desired body shape with the right thinking about yourself, healthy eating habits and incorporating physical activity into your lifestyle. Above all, you need a daily mental workout to keep your self-image in shape, which is closely connected to the success of any goal you want to achieve. Your goal is to become fit and healthy. You can strengthen your self-image with these effective daily mental exercises :-

Exercise 1:- Self Examination

Start making a list of all the negative thoughts you have about yourself, for example, “I can’t diet”, “I can’t succeed in losing weight”, “I don’t exercise enough”…etc. Next, make a second list of everything you LIKE about yourself. This list should be LONGER than the first list, for example, “I have good control over temptations”, “I have a good willpower for losing weight”, “I am able to learn from my dieting mistakes”…etc. Then, take your ‘negatives’ list and turn it into your ‘potentials’ list. Create a positive self-image for every ‘negative’ you listed. Instead of “I can’t succeed in losing weight”, write a counter belief, “I will succeed in losing weight”. Ceremonially throw out the ‘negatives’ list forever in the dustbin! This is no longer going to be a part of your thinking about yourself. Now, keep your ‘potentials’ list in a prominent place like on your refrigerator door or your mirror and read it daily so that you are reprogramming your daily thoughts.

Exercise 2:- You Can Be What You Want To Be

Now that you have your list of ‘potentials’… run your own visualization stories to ‘see’ yourself in a new light. For example, if your list of potential includes “I eat just the right portions of food”, visualize yourself with a moderate portion on your plate, and feeling completely satisfied at the end of your meal. Read your list of ‘potentials’ daily to reflect strongly on your visualizations-first thing in the morning and the last thing at night with visualizing yourself being the person on your list, and doing the things you want to do.

Exercise 3:- Keep a Diary of Your Daily Success

Record all the positive changes in thoughts you have about yourself. We all have successes and failures. You must record and remind yourself of the positive changes because our human nature will replay the negatives – sometimes blowing them out of proportion. It’s important to nurture and celebrate the small steps you make every day.

Exercise 4:- Go Easy On Yourself

You Are a Beautiful Work In Progress! – Don’t listen to the criticism…not you’re own nor that of others! Remember you are the creator and designer of your self esteem, do not hand this over to others. You are way too important to give this away. We learn from our mistakes. Do not negatively criticize yourself for being human and making mistakes.

Exercise 5:- Forget About the Past

The only moment you can live is the current one. You can’t live in the future and shouldn’t live in the past….the challenge is to take charge of our thinking. We may be tempted to think about yesterday’s failures. If we concentrate on yesterday’s mistake, our brains replay our failure and reinforce it. Yesterday is over, today is where you live….make sure that today you do NOT replay yesterday’s failures and resolve to change TODAY.

Exercise 6:- Resolve To Change Today

Just as you shouldn’t live in the past, you can’t live in the future. You can only change today. ‘Tomorrow NEVER comes! There is no better time than now! Do it now, do it today and resolve to make a difference in your own life before you go to sleep tonight.

Exercise 7:- Write a Plan for Your Life

This is your success plan. It is time for you to create a direction and purpose in your plan for yourself. Review your list of potentials and record next to each potential when you want to achieve this by.

Exercise 8:- Carry Affirmation Cards for yourself

This is one of the fastest tools for success. You are what you think. Strengthen your self-image every day by reviewing your thoughts. The easiest way to do this is to carry affirmation cards in your wallet and review them regularly. Affirmation cards are short bursts of words in business card format that remind your self-image of your intentions. For example,”I will achieve my ideal body weight and body shape”. Try it; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Exercise 9:- Change Your Eating Habits

Now that you have set the groundwork in place, you are now ready to change your physical habits, by adding healthy eating habits, daily exercise and relaxation.

By using these nine exercises daily to change your thinking habits, you will be strengthening your self esteem and unlocking your internal power to make a change in your life. Before you can change lifelong eating habits, you must first change your life long thinking habits

So, do yourself a favour, liberate your self-image and then see how much more effective your healthy living plan becomes!


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