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U-Lipo Upper Back TuckTM

“How do I lose back fat?” We get this question very often. The most common areas where back fat is the most noticeable is the upper back area. It is also known as Bra bulge in women.

The bra bulge

The upper back fat is responsible for the dreaded “bra bulge” in women. This is the fat that bulges around the bra and can be very noticeable when wearing any tBra Bulge Liposuctionype of tight-fitting top. Although Upper back fat is also seen in overweight Men, But for women, and specifically because of the female wardrobe, this problem area becomes a much larger issue.

How to lose upper back fat?

  • When most people think about back fat, they are thinking in terms of the fat “belonging” to the back. In other words, they are thinking that the fat is part of the back muscle and therefore, to lose the back fat, they must workout the back muscles. Working out the back muscles will definitely tone up the back muscles, but will not affect the fat present in the back.
  • Similarly following a weight loss diet will help you in losing weight from all over body, but not specifically from Upper Back only.
  • Along with a Healthy dietary regimen & exercises for upper back fat for back, you also need an advance technology of Lipolysis, which can target the fat cells of back, for better results.
  • U-Lipo Upper Back Tuck is the preferred non surgical treatment, along with a Healthy dietary regimen. To know how does U-Lipo Upper Back Tuck works, Click Here.

U-Lipo Upper Back Tuck results

Before and After Upper Back

Upper Back Lipo Before and After

Disclaimer:* Results may vary from person to person depending upon age, sex, basal metabolic rate, medical history, family history, lifestyle and physical activity.

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