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Maintenance Tips for Slimming

Benefits Of Healthy LifestyleSo, you don’t just want to lose extra body fat, you want to lose the extra body fat forever. Ta-ta. Sayonara. While losing weight or extra body fat does take focus and dedication, it’s important to remember that losing it isn’t really a start-and-end process. Sure, you have a weight-loss goal to reach, but once you get there, you don’t just stop eating right and working out. No way! You keep it up because it’s a healthy lifestyle that’s livable and lovable—and it makes you feel great. PrettislimTM experts share weight loss tips that really work!

  • Increase your water intake to approx 15 – 20 glasses
  • Have small frequent meals.
  • Always keep your dinner light and early (at least 1-2 hrs before bedtime).
  • Sit-down at one place and take your meals MINDFULLY. Take at least 20 mins to finish each meal.
  • Include foods like ginger, garlic, onion, which help in lowering your fat levels and increase your BMR.
  • Have more of fibrous foods such as sprouts and raw or cooked vegetables.
  • Avoid juices and go for whole fruits instead.
  • If you have a heavy meal, COMPENSATE by making other meal lighter.
  • If you have had any outings or functions and have gained weight, just follow the recommended food program for 4-5     days and knock off that weight.
  • A very important point is to keep a bathroom scale (weighing machine) at home and check your weight every week.
  • Be active in your day to day life. Follow the exercise guidelines provided for busy people.

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