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U-Lipo Arm TuckTM

Flabby arms also known as “ Bingo wing” , “ flabby flapper”, “chicken wings”, “whale flippers” or “ Granny second waves”, troubles a lot of women worldwide. If you fall into the same group, then your question remains the same- How to reduce Arm fat.

What are the causes of flabby arm?


Flabby arms are often a result of aging. As you turn older, your skin loses elasticity & connective tissue in arm degrades, leading to a saggier arms.  After the age of 30, body fat has a tendency to increase and lean muscle tissue typically decreases. These changes are due to hormonal changes that occur with age, but also because of the tendency to be less active with increasing age. The hormonal changes cause decrease in metabolic rate, which means fewer calories burned in the whole day. A slower metabolism along with fewer calories burned from a lack of physical activity creates a significant risk of weight gain. Gravitational pull also adds to the effect, by constantly pulling on the back of the arms & facilitating flabbiness. There is one aspect of aging that you can fight with ie fat accumulation. Body fat increases by up to 30 percent as you grow older, but you can fight this with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

Body Fat

Excess fat causes flabby arms at any age. Based on your genes, you may store more fat in your arms than other body areas. You can’t spot train to lose fat directly from your arms, but if you’re overweight you would benefit by losing fat overall.

Lose Flabby Arms

How to tone up flabby arms?

  • The major muscles in the arms include the biceps, deltoids and triceps. The deltoids lift the arms up forward & out to the sides and are the major muscle group in the shoulders. The biceps runs down in the front of the upper arm fat and helps in bending of elbow joints. The triceps, on the back side of the upper arms are the extensors. Exercises for these muscles include Front Shoulder Raise, Lateral Shoulder Raise, Bicep Curl, Triceps Overhead Press etc. These would help in toning of muscles but will not directly reduce the fat.
  • Modifying your diet and shifting to healthy food choices will also make you lose weight overall, but not necessary target the arms fat, as it is stubborn fat.
  • U-Lipo Arm Tuck is a good Non surgical option to tone up flabby arms. Its ultrasound cavitation helps in reducing the extra fat, where as NARF helps in tightening the lose skin of the arms.  Adding the resistance arm fat exercises, along with Healthy food habits, will give better results. U-Lipo Arm Tuck is the best way to get rid of arm fat. To know more about how does U-Lipo Arm Tuck works, click here.

Results of U-Lipo Arm Tuck

Arm Tuck Before and After

Arm Lift Before and After

U-Lipo Arm Tuck Before and After

Disclaimer:* Results may vary from person to person depending upon age, sex, basal metabolic rate, medical history, family history, lifestyle and physical activity.

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