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U-Lipo Inner Thigh TuckTM

Inner Thigh Lift

The inner thigh is a common trouble spot for many women, as not only is it a typical area for the body to deposit extra fat , but it is also an area of the body that is used relatively less in everyday life activities. Excess fat in specific body parts causes mental anguish. You know this well, if you have unsightly inner thigh fat. Inner thigh fat are annoying, especially in summer days when women prefer to wear shorts.

The lower body is a trouble spot for most women. Why? Our bodies are living in the past. Our hormones send excess fat down to the lower body, which was helpful thousands of years ago—when women needed this fat store to survive droughts, famines & winters, but aren’t exactly needed in today’s time.

First, a little anatomy. Your thighs are made up of 4 muscle groups: The Quadriceps (quads) are located at the front of your thighs; you use them to straighten your legs.   Hamstrings, at the back of the thigh, are used, to bend your leg. The outer-thigh muscles or the Abductors pull your legs sideways away from your body; and the inner thigh muscles or adductors, pull your legs sideways back to your body.

The inner thigh area is a frustrating spot because unless you play sports like basketball or tennis, which involve lots of side-to-side motion during the sports, these muscles get very little use & lose their tone.

How to lose inner thigh fat?

Although, there is no absolute need for all women to go crazy trying to get a “thigh gap” (it’s not natural!), but it is desirable to lose that extra Inner thigh bulge & come back to shape. The good news is that thigh fat is subcutaneous and responds well to exercise & dietary changes. The bad news is that you have to make sacrifices and be disciplined with your lifestyle choices going forward. The best approach is to promote full body weight loss and do exercises for your inner thighs, if your inner thigh fat is not stubborn.

U-Lipo Inner Thigh Tuck

If your inner thigh fat is stubborn, then it is recommended to Add Non Surgical treatment of U-Lipo Inner Thigh Tuck, along with dietary changes & exercises for Faster Results. U-Lipo Inner Thigh Tuck works faster, as during the treatment Local fat deposits are targeted by the Ultrasound cavitation. Also the lose skin in Inner thigh is tightened & toned by Non ablative Radiofrequency to give your Inner thigh, the tight & toned look.  To know more about how does it works, Click Here.

U-Lipo Inner Thigh Tuck results

Inner Thigh Lift Before and After

Inner Thigh Lipo Before and After

Disclaimer:* Results may vary from person to person depending upon age, sex, basal metabolic rate, medical history, family history, lifestyle and physical activity.

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