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How to reduce love handles and stubborn fat?

So you are curious to know how to reduce love handles. You have lost quite a bit of weight, but that annoying fat that hangs over the sides of your waist just won’t go away. You are not alone in your feelings, as it is a very common problem to have. It is also known as Spare tyre, bulging waistline or bulging sides or muffin top.

Stubborn fat is real

Muffin Top TreatmentYou might also know that certain parts of your body have a higher tendency to store fat. It includes lower back, love handles, thighs, hips, and butt. Many people label these areas as stubborn fat as it is difficult to reduce fat, from these areas. Stubborn fat is real. The way you store your fat is dependent on a couple of factors, like sex & genetics. The two hormones that determines fat disposition are testosterone & estrogen.

Why is stubborn fat different?

Your love handles or muffin top & also other stubborn fat areas have a higher ratio of alpha-receptors to beta-receptors (up to 10 times more), compared to other body areas. It means, that where typical diet & exercise succeeds in mobilizing fat depots, it fails (or at least makes it difficult) to reduce love handle fat and other stubborn fat.

Reduce your love handles

The best way to fight love handles is to prevent them from forming. Those love handles were caused by a previous increase in weight. When you put on extra weight, the ratio of testosterone to estrogen shifts in favor of estrogen, because fat cells produce estrogen. The more fat you have in your body, the more estrogen is produced. Exercises to reduce love handles do not help beyond a point. Infact, if the obliques are exercised more, the area sticks out more as the muscles grow, but the fat remains the same. So, planks do not help much to reduce the bulging sides or love handles. There is nothing like Love Handles Diet or Muffin top diet, which can help to lose love handles in men or women. A treatment regimen which includes focus on prevention, improving insulin sensitivity, patience & Spot fat reduction treatments like U-Lipo Side Tuck, helps to lose that stubborn fat. To know more about, How does U-Lipo Side Tuck works, Click Here.

Results of U-Lipo Side Tuck

Muffin Top Before and After

Love Handles Before and After

Before and After Love Handles

Disclaimer:* Results may vary from person to person depending upon age, sex, basal metabolic rate, medical history, family history, lifestyle and physical activity.

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