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Benefits of U-LipoTM

Effective Slimming TreatmentEffective

4-In-1 U-LipoTM is the Most Powerful Non Surgical Slimming Treatment. Most of the clients lose upto 8 cms, from the target area, after each treatment. Results are seen immediately after each treatment. A course of minimum 8 treatments is recommended over 5-8 weeks with 1-2 treatments per week.

Affordable U-Lipo TreatmentEconomical

U-LipoTM is more affordable as compared to surgical Liposuction or other laser techniques, and gives better results.

Safe Painless LiposuctionSafe and Painless

4-In-1 U-LipoTM uses Ultrasound Lipolysis, NARF, Vacuum Suction & Power Vibra in each treatment, Which is Completely Non Surgical and is therefore painless and safe. It is a lunch hour procedure & Clients can do all normal day-to-day activities after treatment. U-LipoTM is suitable for both men and women of all age groups. Also this treatment is done by CE & ISO certified Effective, Powerful & Professional equipment in PrettislimTM clinic, so you are in safe hands. Also team of Dietitians & Doctors is available in the clinic to guide you for healthy diet & lifestyle.

Targeted Fat ReductionTargeted fat Reduction

Due to its high-precision Low Frequency Ultrasound, U-LipoTM offers targeted fat reduction in individual body areas. This is a big advantage over general diet and exercise which can reduce overall body fat, but not reshape individual areas.

Benefits of U-Lipo TreatmentConvenient

U-LipoTM needs 60-90 mins per week. Only one visit per week to the clinic is needed, Unlike Gym, where client is expected to spend 1-1.5 hours daily. Telephonic support from dietitians & doctors, is available on other days, for any guidance. It is an ideal treatment for people who want to be fit, healthy & in shape, but are short of time. Perfect for Busy Bees. Clinic is open 365 days, which is a great boon for working professionals & busy people.

Original U-LipoOriginal

4-In-1 U-LipoTM treatment is originally developed by team of doctors at PrettislimTM Clinic. The research team continuously makes improvement in the treatment, year after year. Till date, more than 60,000 U-LipoTM treatments have been performed in PrettislimTM Clinic, with 95% satisfaction rating by the clients. Many other centers, try to Copy our Treatments, but fail to do justice, due to lack of Experience, Knowledge, Skill set & Powerful Equipments.

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