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Eating Triggers: Don’t Let Hunger control you!

Hunger PangsJust eaten and feeling hunger pangs again? The good news is that you are not alone. Never being satisfied is much more common than you imagine.

The bad news is that having hunger control you is terrible. So why not MINDFULLY watch out for the triggers that get you going?

  • Physiological Triggers: Physiological trigger is when you feel really hungry and can no longer control your hunger pangs. What should you do? Just reach out for high-fibre foods like vegetables, fruits, salads, whole grains and pulses. Not only will these foods fill you up quickly, but also leave you feeling satisfied.
  • Psychological Triggers: The media attacks you all the time with tempting visions of calorie-laded food. Thinking about food, reading a description of food, recalling something you enjoyed eating will often trigger off hunger pangs. Recognise this as a mental hunger. Try to understand that this is not real hunger a synthetic one. If self-discipline does not work, and you just cannot keep your mind off food, then reach out for some very low calorie snacks such as idlis, dhoklas etc.
  • Emotional Triggers: Often, unpleasant emotions such as anger, sadness, anxiety, frustration or boredom trigger off hunger pangs. You immediately stuff food into your mouth either to comfort or distract yourself. Watch out for these! Consciously involve yourself in activities that will take your mind off food. Learn alternative ways of dealing with boredom and you will be able to deal with these triggers.
  • Information Triggers: Some people seek out and believe in wrong information regarding foods. They justify their lack of knowledge with rumoured stories of weight loss they have been impressed with. Lease remember, it is crucial to empower yourself with good knowledge of health and nutrition. Only then will your weight loss become a reality. Learn some low-calorie recipes and prepare them whenever you feel the urge to binge.
  • Social Triggers: Indian hospitality is all about forcing your guest to eat! First of all, try to minimize your exposure to such situations. Be assertive and stick to your weight loss plans.

Remember, whenever someone offers you a high calorie foodstuff, try this exercise. Shake your head from side to side.

Saying ‘No’ firmly, never fails! Don’t become a slave to your hunger pangs. Be the master of your own life!

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