October, 2015
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Archive for October 2015

Healthy Tip – O – Tricks!!


Healthy Living Tips

Healthy Tip – O – Tricks!!

Clean your Gut properly, Fat-Belly kills faster(also known as visceral fat) – That extra tummy hanging off your belt that you are especially wearing now-a-days to keep your pants up, allows toxoids to ooze into your vital organs. Stats say men with cute rotund bellies die 6 times sooner than people with flat bellies. Relevant tummy diets are most recommended.
Say no to Original – Remember the number of times you’ve felt that you just started on that bucket of ice-cream and 15minutes later decimated it to nothing. So take some out to save some workout.(Saves sooo much more workout!)

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Brooding over your New Diet Plan – Find out what it does for you?


Diet Plan Benefits

Brooding over your New Diet Plan – Find out what it does for you?

After reading on and on about what to eat or which version of diet to follow, it’s time to stop and understand what exactly are these diet plans trying to achieve by recommending themselves to you. Regular home-made food is mostly nutritious. Let’s do a Nutritional Level check to see how these things work out in favor of your body:-

Give a Big Hoot for Protein: The World renowned formula for weight loss and the Secret behind all slim, lean and other kind of fancy attractive, to drool for bodies, all have one thing in common; that’s Protein. It’s widely available in various forms and happens to be delicious on the palettes. Any hard core dieter will tell you this, as soon as Protein rich food touches your system; it starts charring through calorie. Amino acids will incinerate calories like God’s own blessing and then aid in building and maintaining body mass. Once more; shout it out for Protein..!!

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