July, 2016
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Archive for July 2016

Eat Right This Monsoon Season and Stay Healthy


Monsoon Season Diet

When the monsoons arrive, we all rejoice, as the rains are a pleasant respite from the summer heat. Once the rains start, we’re tempted to enjoy a few of our favourite monsoon foods like hot samosas and bhajiyas, and maybe even a cup or two of hot chocolate. Unfortunately, the monsoons also bring with them viral infections, a lowered immunity, and unhygienic food. Digestive diseases are rampant, and poor digestion can lead to a phenomenon known as cellular starvation, which lowers our metabolism and increases our fat storage. This lowered metabolism, coupled with snacking on fried foods and chocolate can be quite harmful to our bodies.

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5 Star Slimmer of the Month – Santosh Sadhale

5 Star Slimmer

Slimming Program Mumbai

Prettislim is Proud of Every Personal Weight Loss Journey that Patients Have Shared With Us
Be the Inspiration….
These touching & highly inspirational stories are proof of the significant impact that Prettislim has had on the lives of many people. With dignity & emotion, our 5 Star Slimmer of the Month – Santosh Sadhale from Mumbai agreed to share his story with us.

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