February, 2019
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Archive for February 2019

10 Ways to Reduce Belly Fat- No Exercise Required


How to lose weight without dieting is something everybody wonders about.Everybody today wants to have the perfect body and with the increasing amount of junk food we’re consuming, it has become difficult to not just lose weight but also maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise is inevitably the best way along with a healthy diet but in this fast paced world, committing to an exercise and a diet routine has become difficult .

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Reasons why you should be eating jaggery


Eating jaggery has numerous health benefits for us because this sweet ingredient is not only yummy to taste, but it is also loaded with many essential nutrients. Jaggery, known as gur in India is basically unrefined sugar from the sugarcane plant. In this article we will seek the answer to: “Is jaggery good for health?”

There are other sources to obtain jaggery such as from the sap of the coconut tree or date palm, although jaggery made from sugarcane is the most widely used form. People want to know “Is it good to eat jaggery every day?” Jaggery has been a staple of the Indian household for ages. Jaggery should definitely be a part of your diet if it isn’t already, and here we’ll discuss why.

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