January, 2019
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Archive for January 2019

Healthy Cuisines you can eat while dinning out


Going for lunches and dinners with family and friends is a great way to socialize. There are innumerable amounts of restaurants that serve large meal portion sizes that can affect your health.

Amp up your dinning out experience by eating healthy multi-cuisines without ingesting foods high in fat content and calories. Forget the same old cuisines, and try the latest healthy non veg cuisines in restaurants that now serve healthy vegetarian dishes as well.

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Black tea – Not just a hot beverage but a healthy one too


Black tea is a hot drink which not very often had by the people in India because of their love for  “masala chai”. Masala chai is a staple beverage for Indians, who often wake up and sleep to a cup of steaming hot masala chai. But is having masala chai multiple times a day good for your health? To explain this, it is important to first write down the ingredients of the Indian masala chai: Sugar, good amounts of milk, water, tea leaves, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and holy basil leaves. However, people who have diabetes or are lactose intolerant are advised not to have a masala chai due to its consequential health issues. An alternative for masala chai can be black tea which consists of those same tea leaves but without the milk, spices and sugar.

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