November, 2018
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Archive for November 2018

Does Age Affect Our Ability To Lose Weight?


Yes, to answer questions like this regarding weight loss in is tough, it is hard to lose weight after a certain age or once you start getting old. Losing weight becomes tough. The reason being your metabolism, your metabolism becomes slower. However, you do not gain weight because of your age, as there are ways to control and manage it. Once you are aware of the reasons for your weight gain, there are ways to outsmart it as well.

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Healthy Eating When You’re Older


Ageing and Time are two things that don’t stop for anyone; or anything. After a point of time in one’s life, the body becomes comparatively weaker to our younger self, based on the food that we eat. Old people don’t require the same amount of kilojoules as the body is less active, but it will always require nutrients to have a healthy life. Sometimes more nutrition is required – such as milk for calcium to keep the bones strong, and foods that have more energy.

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