October, 2016
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Archive for October 2016

3 Ways to Get Rid of Your Upper Back Fat: Tips by Dr. Puneet


Exercise To Reduce Back Fat

With new fads like face-contouring and body-contouring, it’s quite obvious that a lot of emphasis is being laid on outward appearances in today’s world. Men and women alike are under constant pressure to always look slim and trim. And while some people find losing weight easy, others struggle, despite following strict diets and stringent exercise regimes. One particular issue that people seem to have with their bodies is upper back fat. While both men and women suffer from this problem, women have more of an issue with it, as back fat generally leads to what is known as the “bra bulge”.

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Target those Love Handles with this 10 Minute Workout


Love Handle Liposuction

Are you suddenly spilling out of your favourite jeans? Is that muffin top getting you down? Are you wondering just how to lose those love handles? You’re not alone. As our schedules grow increasingly more hectic, exercise often takes a backseat. However, it’s important to incorporate some amount of physical activity into your daily routine to stay fit and in shape.

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