March, 2019
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Archive for March 2019

Cook & Eat Healthy When You’re Living Alone


If you’re seeking the answer to the question of what to eat when you’re alone or “How can I eat healthy on my own?” You are having a dilemma that many people often have in their pursuit of a better and more sustainable lifestyle. People often do wonder what to eat when you are living alone. In the following article we’ll seek to understand the answer to the question “What should I eat when alone” and see some ways to eat healthy when you are living alone.

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Why you should be looking at your Vitamin D levels


Importance of Vitamin D – One of the oldest known uses of vitamin D has been the use of Vitamin D in bone strength and bone density. Vitamin D and calcium form the basis for the strength of bones. Vitamin D is an extremely important element in calcium level maintenance, also known as bone health. It helps the body absorb calcium. It is also linked to lowering the risk of some cancers. One often asked question is “How does Vitamin D help you lose weight”. There are numerous benefits of Vitamin D for weight loss which we will discuss in the following article.

Where to get Vitamin D – When people think of vitamin D one of the most common answers of where to get some Vitamin D is.. “Just go out in the sun”. This is true however it is not the end all be all of how to get Vitamin D. The main sources of Vitamin D are sunlight, milk, fish, eggs, and margarine.

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