September, 2016
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Archive for September 2016

Reduce Tummy Fat with These Home Hacks


Tummy Tuck Without Surgery

A toned tummy can be considered one of the hallmarks of a healthy body. However, getting rid of abdominal fat and that belly bulge can be difficult. Belly fat is not only unsightly; it also raises the chance of developing health issues like diabetes, blood pressure, and dementia at an early age. There are many causes of tummy fat, like a dip in physical activity, stress, unhealthy eating habits, menopause, a slow metabolic rate, improper digestion and genetics.

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Weight Loss Diet – Do it Right


Diet To Lose Weight

With obesity and related health disorders on the rise worldwide, it’s now more important than ever to keep a check on your weight and make sure you stay healthy. Current fast-paced lifestyles make it difficult to do so. Because of our busy schedules we tend to opt for easily available processed foods rather than wholesome organic foods. It’s no surprise then that 60% of the nation’s population is overweight.

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