August, 2016
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Archive for August 2016

The Future of Slimming Treatments for Men


Gynecomastia Treatment Mumbai

The earliest records of liposuction date back to 1920, when French surgeon Charles Dujarier introduced the concept of body contouring through suction. However, the concept was largely forgotten for years after his procedure caused gangrene in the leg of a model. Slimming treatments have come a long way since then. And though modern liposuction is a great improvement on its namesake, there are still better ways to tackle stubborn body fat today.

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Why Fitness is an Important Part of Grooming


Body Shaping Treatment

On average, we all put at least an hour every day into our appearances and personal grooming. After all, being clean, fresh, and well-dressed not only helps you look better, but help you feel better too. While good grooming can help boost your mood and your confidence, there is much more to personal maintenance than just that.

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