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These Points will help you stick with the New Year Resolution of Getting FIT

New Year Fitness Resolution

Fitness new-year resolutions are fun to make but difficult to maintain. In January, one in three people resolve to better themselves in one way or another. A smaller percentage of those people actually carry out their resolutions. A study found that 75 per cent of people stick with their goals for at least a week. After that, less than half are still on point, 6 months later. However, you can be absolutely resolute in maintaining your health and fitness strategies with these ten simple tricks and tools.

It is not a myth that breakfast is one of the most important meals. Start the day off right and eat a protein-rich breakfast. This is one nutritional trick that will help you create and maintain a great physique.

Food Journals
Put pen to paper and create a food journal. You won’t regret the time you spend filling up those pages. If you know that there’s a monitor keeping checks on what you eat, you’re less likely to get carried away when it comes to food.

Avoid Processed Foods
Your pantry may be filled with processed snacks. These are not good for your health. Don’t indulge in those late night moments of craving. It’s in your best interests to avoid processed foods at all costs.

A Fitness Partner
Seek out a motivated fitness partner. Training solo is not the only option available to you these days. A fitness partner is a person who will keep you accountable and encouraged even on days when you feel most inactive.

Extra Cardio
In addition to your regular workout try and get some extra cardio hours into your schedule. High intensity intervals on the bike, treadmill or rowing machine will incinerate fat and help your body composition. It’ll go the extra mile, literally.

Work on Weakness
If you’re not particularly good at one kind of exercise then put in more time and energy on mastering that particular exercise. Work on your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths.

Gratitude Journals
The hormone cortisol is driven up by stress, which in turn increases the fat on your body. It’s proven that gratitude journals reduce stress levels. So everyday, simply write down a few things that you are grateful for. This will also lend you some perspective into life.

You can have a fortnightly indulgence at the spa or with a massage therapist. This way you can reduce any muscle tightness you may develop. These activities can be your reward as well as incentives to keep your fitness regimen going.

Your mind is extremely powerful. You’ll be working on not just strengthening your body but your mind as well. Take some time and visualise the success that lies ahead as you pave the path to fitness and health.

Ultrasound Cavitation Treatment
If you’re wondering how to lose tummy fat, think of ultrasound cavitation treatment. This is a relatively new aesthetic treatment that uses leading edge technology. Fat deposits are converted into smaller metabolites and are naturally drained by the body’s own filtration system.

The New Year brings many delights. Among it is a clean slate. There’s no better time to get started on working on your own wellbeing. You could also consider ultrasonic cavitation treatment at Prettislim, to help you out with your fitness resolutions for 2017.

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