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It’s harder to lose weight when you are short- Myth or Reality?


Weight Loss Tips for Short Tips

Do you have problems reaching the top shelf? Is it even harder to find an outfit of your size? These problems, that have stumbled across your way due to the fact that you are on the shorter side, might make life seem harder than usual.

Then, you hear that it might be harder to lose weight if you are short. And you hope that it’s a myth that has no logical or scientific reason behind it. Well, it’s time to find out!

Why is it harder to lose weight when you are short?

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A nutritious diet, not just for weight loss but for overall health


Nutritious Diet for Weight Loss

You want to lose weight and you type how to lose weight in a week on Google, hoping to land onto a crash diet that works magic on your body and your fat just vanishes into thin air. Well, most of the times you end up disappointed as nothing works the magic that was promised. While when it does actually work and you lose quite a lot of weight, you tend to gain it back almost as quickly as you lost it or maybe at double the speed.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about healthy meals!


healthy meals

A healthy diet is something that needs to be followed by almost everyone, and helps you in leading a good and nutritious life. Many people know what to eat, but they do not have an idea on when to eat it. And that is a very big problem, as people need to have a fair idea of when to eat. Even if you eat the healthiest food but at the wrong time, all the healthy food that you ate will lose its value.

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Get in shape for your Valentines date

#FlabtoFab, healthy foods to lose weight

Weight Loss Tips For Valentines Day

It’s natural for a person to try their level best and to look as good as possible before going on a date. Especially if it’s an occasion as special as Valentine’s Day!  People are ready to go the extra mile to make sure they impress their date and look presentable by staying in good shape. Well, we have some easy solutions and quick tips to lose weight and be ready for the most important date.

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5 Awesome hacks to keep you motivated on your weight loss resolution!

#EatNBeat, healthy foods to lose weight

New Year Weight Loss Tips

We hear about various techniques to lose weight, varying from diets and detoxes to vigorous exercises and yoga. Most of them require a huge time commitment, which isn’t always possible. Diving into the holiday season is the hardest time to stay fit, and we’re here to share our best tips for weight loss to ensure you don’t succumb to the holiday weight that you may think is inevitable! We know that it is easy to share tips to lose weight, but if you incorporate these into your lifestyle, it is a guarantee that you will see results!

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